January 14, 2017

Robot size includes bumpers

From the LRITeams,

A quick heads up – for the first time in my experience with FIRST, this year’€™s sizing of your robot INCLUDES the required bumper assemblies! What this means is that when your robot is inspected, the maximum volume specified in R03 of the Game Manual will include the bumpers required by Section 8.5 of the Game Manual! Plan accordingly!

Further, the maximum volumes indicted in R03 and shown in the Figure at G04 enclose the dimensions your robot can extend to. That means if you have scoops, funnels, lips on hoppers, etc. that are contained within your frame perimeter at the start of the match (as they must be by R02), these items can extend no further than the bounds of the indicated maximum dimensions. You are advised to built your robot smaller than the volume in order to give your extensions room to expand beyond your bumpers, if necessary, after the start of the match.

Don’t think of these volumes as the size to which you need to cut your chassis!

Start thinking NOW about your bumpers. As soon as you assemble your chassis frame, go ahead and cut your plywood bumper backing and attach it to the chassis. That way, you will know how your bumpers will be attached, what spaces you have to work with, and where you can attach other robot components.

Have a good build season!

Jeff Rees

Senior LRI

Peachtree District