February 9, 2017

Bumper & Fabrication Notes From The LRI

With only 2 weeks left in the build season, a couple of reminders about bumpers and accounting for fabrication services to help make your robot inspection quick and painless.

1.  Again, a reminder – for the first time in my experience with FIRST, this year’s sizing of your robot INCLUDES the required bumper assemblies! What this means is that when your robot is inspected, the maximum volume specified in R03 of the Game Manual will include the bumpers required by Section 8.5 of the Game Manual! Plan accordingly!

Further, the maximum volumes indicted in R03 and shown in the Figure at G04 enclose the dimensions your robot can extend to. That means if you have scoops, funnels, lips on hoppers, etc. that are contained within your frame perimeter at the start of the match (as they must be by R02), these items can extend no further than the bounds of the indicated maximum dimensions. You are advised to build your robot smaller than the volume in order to give your extensions room to expand beyond your bumpers, if that is a part of your design, after the start of the match.

2.  Kennesaw State University has again made fabrication services available to all teams. In recognition of this, if your team has used these services, you should acknowledge their contribution by recognizing them as a Sponsor on your robot. If you also took advantage of the aluminum donated to the program, Novelis should also be recognized as a Sponsor.

3.  While the aluminum materials and machine services have been provided to teams at no cost, these items DO have a value and must be accounted for under the requirements of R12 of the Game Manual. While both Novelis and KSU are to be considered Sponsors of your team if you have taken advantage of their resources, they are NOT Team members. As a result, your CAW must account for the cost of the donated materials, and for the value of the machining services. KSU will be providing information to teams for use in preparing their CAW’s.