March 5, 2018

Larger than Georgia

Larger Than Georgia


Have you ever wanted to get involved in the FRC community outside of Georgia, but didn’t know how? Well today I am going to share some of my favorite ways to get involved in the larger FRC community!


Chief Delphi

Chief Delphi is the unofficial FRC forum where people are constantly discussing every aspect of FRC, from technical help questions to awards tips. Many of the frequent posters are long time FIRST members who have been mentoring and volunteering for longer than I’ve been alive and can give some incredible insight from their years of experience. A slight disclaimer though is that not everyone on Chief Delphi remembers to practice their GP, so don’t take things too much to heart and when you do post, make sure you keep your post informative and to the point. Another small quirk is that their search feature is not the best, so if you are trying to search for something on the site you are better off Googling [topic you want to search].


FIRST Updates Now (FUN)

FUN is an online talk show that airs different shows throughout the week ranging from FRC community news and “hot topics” to competition recaps, and their most popular segment, their weekly top 25 robot ranking show each week throughout the competition season. They constantly bring on different guests including mentors and alumni from some of the most successful teams in FRC to talk about their experiences first hand. Their shows also features a Twitch chat so that you can get involved and chat about the topics with others from around the world who are also tuning in.


RoboSports Network

Similar to FUN, RoboSports Network is an online talk show that focuses specifically on strategy, game play, check-ins with different FRC teams, and commentary of different FRC events. They have some of the best FRC drive coaches and strategists contributing to the content and can help you better analyze match strategy to help your own team on the field.


Blue Alliance

The Blue Alliance (TBA) is your one-stop shop for everything game day. You can find information on every single FRC event ranging from competitions scores, to live streams, to team lists, to awards, to elimination brackets, to match score breakdowns and more. Depending on your “dedication” to keeping up with FRC events, you can even watch up to 9 events on one screen at a time! TBA also has their own blog that highlights FRC teams and robot designs as well as some predictions and insights into events.