Destination Einstein™

Destination Einstein (DE) is one of Georgia’s unique programs which is all about helping teams on their journey to the Einstein (Championship) Field.  The program features four FRC playing fields throughout the state with complete sets of field elements; these fields are available to for all teams to use.

GeorgiaFIRST, Kimberly Clark, and Walton Robotics Team 2974 created the program in 2012, and it was so successful that it expanded to three facilities by 2015.  Now, in 2017 we introduce a new DE facility in Albany, GA!

Teams from all over Georgia are invited to test their robots on FRC competition fields, provide and receive technical training in conjunction with other teams, and network with other students and coaches in the FIRST community!

The 2017 Game:  Steamworks

The Four DE Facilities are busy preparing their fields for teams to use for the 2017 game – Steamworks!  We’re looking forward to seeing you on the field!

Please click on one of the links below to access the web site for the individual DE facilities.  For general inquires about the GeorgiaFIRST Destination Einstein™ program contact Mark Bassett.

  • Hosted by Walton Robotics Team 2974
  • Site Sponsored by Walton High School
  • Full-size field (3 driver’s stations active)
  • Can accommodate up to 10 teams!
DE Marietta Web Site
  • Hosted by 100 Scholars Robotics, Fenbank LINKS, Reboot, Global Dynamics, and DeKalb International School
  • Site Sponsored by Johnson Research & Development
  • Full-sized field
  • Can accommodate up to 23 teams!
DE Atlanta Web Site
  • Hosted by FRC Teams 4941, 5582, 4622, 3581, 4188
  • Site Sponsored by Muscogee County School Board
  • Half-sized field
  • Can accommodate up to 15 teams!
DE Columbus Web Site
  • Hosted by Titan Alliance Team 5536 & Monroe HS Team 4730
  • Site Sponsored by Albany Tech
  • Half-sized field
  • Can accommodate up to 10 teams!
DEIC Albany Web Site