FTC Volunteer Resources

Volunteers are the core of FIRST competition and other events.  If you want to work as a team volunteer, please the mentor section of this website.

FIRST events are an exciting and fun-filled opportunity to see youth in action, applying the knowledge and skills developed through team participation. Each competition event depends on an abundance of volunteers with a broad spectrum of talents to support operating needs and competition demands. FIRST continually seeks more individuals to help. Whether you have four hours on a Saturday or a full day to spend with us, FIRST event-day volunteers help out during the event season, often for more than one FIRST program. Many of these roles are highly visible and can have a significant positive impact on the quality of the event. There is something to suit everyone’s style—whether you like fast-past actions or helping behind-the-scenes. Many event-day volunteer roles do not need to have any technical expertise.

For more information about volunteering for FTC contact Teresa Bukovics

This section contains resources for FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteer training and development. Learn more about becoming a FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteer or view the complete listing of volunteer opportunities at FIRST. All Volunteers must be screened as part of the FIRST Youth Protection Program.

If you would like to Volunteer for any FIRST event, you must create a profile, be screened, and select events in the Volunteer Information Management System (VIMS).

Volunteers must apply to their role using the Volunteer Information Management System. After the volunteer has selected their role, FIRST Tech Challenge will send an email to the Volunteer with access to their training resources and certifications (when applicable). Emails will be sent twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This process will be used until further notice. Pending a system update scheduled for mid to late October, Volunteers will receive an email with this information upon application to the role. Each manual will be updated accordingly once this changeover is in effect. If you have applied for a role but have not received access to the training, please email

Control System Advisor
Dean’s List Interviewer/Reviewer
Event Coordinator
Field Manager
Field Resetter
Field Technical Advisor
Game Announcer/Emcee
Pit Administration
Volunteer Coordinator
Wi-Fi Technical Advisor
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You can view and learn about the volunteer roles that exist in FTC here