Register a FIRST Tech Challenge Team in Georgia


The deadline for registering a Team for Leagues in Georgia has passed.  We do, however, offer a non-league schedule for teams that are not participating in leagues.

Steps to Register a Team for the non-League schedule in Georgia:

  1. Register with FIRST
  2. Wait for an invitation to the Georgia Invitational
  3. Register and Pay for the Georgia Invitational
  4. Wait for Final Confirmation

1. Register with FIRST

Registration with FIRST continues all season long.  But before any team can participate in any FIRST event (excluding Kickoff), they must complete their registration with FIRST.

The cost of registration is $275.  This does not include the robot.

If you are counting on a Rookie Team Grant to help cover your costs you must wait to complete the checkout process until you are notified.  If you complete the checkout process before you are notified, you will not be able to apply the grant money and it will revert into the grant pool to be awarded to another team.

Begin your FIRST registration by visiting Start A Team.

Some helpful links:  Storefront Instructions and What to Buy.

2. Wait for an invitation to the Georgia Invitational

The Georgia Invitational will be held all day on February 2, 2019 in Cumming, GA.  Only invited teams may participate.

All teams registered with FIRST who are not participating on a league will receive an invitation to the Georgia Invitational starting in mid-December and ending one week before the event.  Watch your primary contact email for this invitation.  If you do not receive an invitation, check your spam folders.

Instructions on how to register for the Georgia Invitational will be provided in the invitation. 

3. Register and Pay for the Georgia Invitational

Registering for the Georgia Invitational using the instructions provided in your invitation email will generate an invoice, which is sent to the email entered as the primary contact during the registration. Once your invoice is received, a team may then pay the Fee with Georgia FIRST.  This fee covers participation in the Georgia Invitational.

The cost of the Georgia Invitational Fee is $100.

The Georgia Invitational Fee is paid by:

  1. Completing the invitational registration (step 2 above)
  2. Receiving the league registration invoice (after clicking ‘Submit’)
  3. Paying the league registration fee by check (snail mail) or credit card (PayPal)

Teams must pay their invitational fee at least one week prior to the event. Teams may not participate in the Invitational until the Fee is paid

Making a payment via Check:

  1. Send a check or money order to the address provided on the invoice you received.  

Making a payment via Credit Card or PayPal:

  1. Visit our online payments page.
  2. Under the FIRST Tech Challenge team payments, select the “Invitational Fee – $103.00”
  3. Enter your team’s number in the field below the selection.
  4. Click the “Pay Now” button.
  5. Follow additional instructions on the PayPal page.

NOTE: It may take a few days for us to acknowledge your team’s payment.  We thank you for your patience.

5. Wait for Final Confirmation

Once all of the above steps are complete (FIRST Registration completed, Invitational Registration compelted, and Invitational Fee paid), we will send you a confirmation email to let you know the status.  If something is not complete, we will contact you periodically to let you know what is missing.

We will also notify you at a later date with important information for participating in the invitational, such as schedule, parking, and other event-specific information.