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Bringing Home the Bling

You know what I’m talking about… AWARDS! At every competition you attend, you will notice those volunteers wearing blue polos with the daunting words “Judge” on them. They may be coming into y…

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FRC Resources you should know about

Resources A huge part of being successful in FRC is knowing what resources you have available to you and working within your limitations. For example, if you are a team that only has access to some ha…

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Scouting is an incredibly important part of FRC that many teams overlook. Who you chose to play with in eliminations can be the difference between walking home with a nice, shiny blue banner or walkin…

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Larger than Georgia

Larger Than Georgia   Have you ever wanted to get involved in the FRC community outside of Georgia, but didn’t know how? Well today I am going to share some of my favorite ways to get involved …

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Networking Networking tends to be a word that scares a lot of people, but it is really super simple, and can be as easy as making a friend on a new team. Whenever you are at an event, try to get in th…

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For many of you that one word is probably the bane of your existence. How is it that every season we can design and build these incredible 120 pound robots, yet we struggle to put together some plywoo…

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FTC League Rankings Posted

The current rankings for the following FIRST Tech Challenge leagues have been posted. Red League – East Atlanta Area – Meet #1 Purple League – North Georgia Area – Meet #1 Etow…

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