November 30, 2017

FRC Kickoff at Georgia Tech Update

For those teams attending the Atlanta Kick-off event at Georgia Tech on Saturday, January 6, 2018.  At this event, you will hear from the local Georgia FIRST organization, the Georgia Tech RoboJackets and a few esteemed speakers to round our the event.  You will also view the game reveal, preview a mock-up of the new Power Up field elements and pick up your kit of parts.
We will be offering several workshops that you might want to attend.  To view the workshop topics and register to attend one or all, please go to:
At this link, you can also view a schedule for the day, information regarding parking and print off the two consent and release forms that are required for each person attending the kick-off event.  These will be turned in upon arrival.
Please note that an email with a consent and release form attached was previously sent to teams.  This form did not have the correct event date.  Please use the two consent and release forms attached to the kickoff event page.
We look forward to seeing the reveal of Power Up with your team.  Let us know if you have any questions.
Georgia FIRST Robotics