Mentor Advisory Council

Thank you to all in attendance at the 2017 Mentor Advisory Council (MAC) at Kennesaw State University, Marietta campus.  Over 120 FRC and FTC team coaches/mentors were in attendance. As we continue to grow this valuable resource within the Georgia FIRST community, please accept our ‘thank you’ to all who contribute to the overall success of our program.  Without the countless hours you as mentors and coaches put into your teams, FIRST would not exist.  Our mission is to serve you as the ‘champion’ of your team so that you can serve the communities and teams you live and work with.
Thank you as well to our event moderator, Ms. Lisa Hatch from the esteemed East Cobb Robotics FTC and FRC teams, for many hours of preparation for the event and a well-organized presentation.
Below please find the presentation and documentation from the 8-26-17 meeting.