A partnership with Kennesaw State University, Novelis, and Kell Robotics is providing manufacturing support for all Georgia FRC and FTC teams.

The team will be able to obtain free manufacturing when using designs requiring waterjet cutting.

The material is aluminum, 5xxx series, heat treatable, and cold formable.
The size of the donated material is:

0.063 (actual gauge 0.061) 60″ length 60″ width
0.090 (actual gauge 0.084) 60″ length 60″ width
0.125 (actual gauge 0.122) 60″ length 60″ width

There will be no charge to teams, for the material or machine time.

Other materials may be cut. Please contact us for the cost of materials and availability.  Or customers may supply their own material.  Please send the CAD files for review before purchasing materials.

The aluminum sheet material is also available to team if they want to access other machine shop services.


All sheet metal parts that are intended to be bent or folded must be designed as a sheet metal part. See you CAD software documentation for details.

Raw material and machine shop services are intended to support reasonable manufacturing efforts for teams. Services may be restricted for excessively enthusiastic requests.

Submission Process

Teams must send all job submissions to

An IPT or STEP file representing the 3-D part, AND a flattened DWG file is to be submitted. The part must have been originally designed as a ‘sheet metal part’ in order to accomplish this task.

The material specification for each part must be specified; the default is aluminum 5xxx series. Teams must specify gauge.

Any problems found with the file submission will be returned to the team, with directions to correct errors.

The KSU email address is the only acceptable form of communication.