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From: Robert May, Georgia FTC Affiliate Partner
Date: Feb 22

Good afternoon teams!!!
I know you are all excited about the upcoming State championship.  As a reminder I am attaching the earlier email sent as well as an update with last minute information.    Please share with the rest of your team, coaches, mentors, students, parents, adoring fans, etc… etc..

From: Robert May, Georgia FTC Affiliate Partner
Date: Feb 21

Teams,  please take note of this important information being passed on by FIRST.

It has come to our attention that Motorola has released an update for some of its Android phones that upgrade the phone to Android Nougat, version 7.x. This newer version of Android has not been thoroughly tested with the FTC Robot Controller and Driver Station apps. There are reported conflicts with running the FTC software (specifically the Driver Station) with Android Nougat.

FIRST recommends that at this time you do NOT upgrade any of your Android phones that you use for competition or practice to Android Nougat. We will inform the community when support for Android Nougat is available.

From: Robert May, Georgia FTC Affiliate Partner
Date: Feb 19

Good evening teams,
Please take note of the information being sent regarding the upcoming state championship this coming Saturday.
State teams email 2-19-18 – Welcome to the Georgia FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship.  This letter provides Location, Team Check-In, Early Pit Setup and Saturday Inspection, and Fee Payment.

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