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Congratulations on your advancement to the 2019 Georgia FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship!  We know that your team has been working very hard this season, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the Championship.

There are several things each team should do in preparation for the event.  This page should be a helpful guide to make sure some of the most important items are taken care of.  Items are listed in the order they should be completed, and links are provided in the text where applicable.  If there is anything that doesn’t make sense or something that needs to be added, please let us know at

Before Travelling to the State Championship

  • Register your team for the event. Instructions are provided in your team’s welcome email sent to you by the Affiliate Partner once notified of your advancement.
  • Send in your event registration payment.  Instructions are provided on the invoice generated by the registration system.  Should you have any special requests for payments or if you have a supporting organization covering your registration payment, please contact us at  Payments may also be made online in our Payment Portal.  Make sure to select the State Championship and enter your team number before selecting ‘Pay Now’.
  • Find a place to stay.  For the first time ever, the Georgia FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship is a two-day event!  For teams who will be travelling far enough, make sure to find a place for your team to stay Friday night.  A variety of hotels are available just off of GA400 at Holcomb Bridge Rd (Exit 7) and Mansell Rd (Exit 8).
  • Plan your travel.  If you are travelling from well outside Atlanta, make sure to arrive in plenty of time.  Traffic on Fridays can become very heavy in and around the perimeter starting around 3:00 PM.
  • Design your Pit.  For the first time in Georgia FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship history, pit sizes have been set at 10’ by 10’.  Feel free to design your space to rival those at World Championship.  If you desire to use a canopy tent, a quick internet search for “10’x10’ canopy tent” will show numerous options for tents that can be purchased at stores like Walmart and Target, as well as other locations. Pits cannot exceed 10’ in height at the State Championship.  Be aware that the height restriction at World Championship was 10’ last year, and is likely to be the same.   If you plan to advance to the World Championship, be sure to design within the 10’ restriction.
  • Submit your Compass and Promote Award Videos.  If your team is applying for these awards, submit them using our Compass and Promote Award submission page.
  • Pack the Right Stuff.  Make sure to bring everything you will need…
    • Printed version of the Team Roster.
    • Completed FIRST Consent and Release Form for each student or coach/mentor who has not completed the consent forms electronically.
    • Engineering Notebook with your team number and team name on the cover (I can’t stress this enough. Notebooks have been disqualified without this info on the cover).  This will be given to the Judges during the Judging Interview.
    • Safety Glasses for each member of your group.  These are required in the pits and on the competition field.  No exceptions!  Tournament Rule <T16> will be strictly enforced.  It’s also a good idea to bring extras that you can loan to any visitors you may have in your pit.
    • Closed-Toe Shoes for each member of your group.  Sandals and flip-flops are not allowed per Tournament Rule <T28>.
    • Power Strip. One outlet is provided per pit.  Please bring your own power strip for multiple outlets.
    • 25′ Extension Cord just in case the power strip isn’t exactly where you want it in the pit.
    • Robot (you’d be surprised that sometimes teams forget this).
  • Complete the Team Attendance Survey.  We are collecting information about each team to help us better understand what and how they are partaking in the event and to improve event plans in the future.  Questions about the type of travel and accommodations, as well as attending coach names and emergency numbers will be collected in this survey. Information in this survey will be kept private.  Click here to fill out yours!
  • Invite VIPs to the Event.  If you have a dignitary that will be attending the Georgia State Championship, such as a donor, school board member, a member of your city government, business leader, corporation, or similar, invite them to sign up for our VIP tour on Saturday, February 23.  More details can be found on the sign up form.
  • Like our Facebook Page.  As information is updated on the website, we will post notices on our Facebook Page.
  • Like our Facebook Group.  This is a great place to ask questions and connect with other Championship teams, volunteers, and coaches.

Attending the Championship – Tiara Friday

  • Bring your Tiara!  It’s Tiara Friday!  It’s not all about robots. Everyone is encouraged (but not required) to wear their favorite tiara or crown today.
  • Start the FUN!  Teams can wait outside the Pit Area until doors open at 3:00 PM Friday. (NOTE: The Competition Area and Practice Fields may remain closed until 5:00 PM).  Don’t be late!  Each team will be provided with an event schedule showing all judging and inspection times.  If you have any special requests concerning the judging and inspection schedule, please let us know at and we will do our best to accommodate on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Load-In your robot and equipment and set up your pit.  If you have any special requests concerning load-in, please let us know at and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • Check-In Your Team.  While you’re loading-in, be sure to send one mentor to visit Pit Administration and check your team in.  This lets us know that you’ve arrived, and you’ll receive your information packet.  You’ll need to submit:
  • Attend your Judging Session.  All judging will occur on Friday 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM.  Follow the signs and our team of Queuers to your judging session location.
    • Check In with the Queuing Team 10 minutes before your scheduled interview time.
    • Bring your Team and all Required Stuff.  Your team, Robot, Engineering Notebook (with team name and team number on the front), and Control Award Summary Sheet (if applying for the Control Award) should be in attendance.
    • Partake in the Interview. All interviews are 10 minutes long, which includes a 5 minute presentation period followed by a 5 minute Q&A session. One adult mentor may observe from behind the team. To minimize disruption, please no photography or video recording.
  • Get Inspected.  One of the most important things to do on Friday is to get your robot inspected.  This year, each team will have their robot inspected in their pit by our Robot Inspectors during their assigned inspection window.  Make sure to be in your pit during your scheduled time.  Don’t worry if your robot isn’t ready, as our inspectors are there to help you focus on what’s important to get through inspection quickly. Additionally, teams will also go to the competition fields at a scheduled time to have their software and robot mobility checked, which includes a practice round.  Finally, teams will have their robots checked for size and weight and have their paperwork filed.  Congratulations on making it through inspections!
  • Enjoy Friday Night on the Town.  Pits will close at 8:30 PM Friday for a night with your team on the town.  Be sure to plan your evening early!
  • Sleep.  You’ll need it.

Attending the Championship – Suspender Saturday

  • Shower. ‘Nuff said.
  • Wear your Suspenders!  It’s Suspender Saturday!  It’s not all about robots. Everyone is encouraged (but not required) to wear their favorite suspenders today.
  • Prepare for Competition.  The pits open at 7:30 AM Saturday for last-minute preparations before the Opening Ceremonies.
  • Attend the Driver Meeting.  Scheduled for 8:00 AM on the competition fields, two drivers and one coach (with their buttons from their registration packet worn) shall attend.
  • Receive your Match Schedule. Once all teams have passed inspections, a match schedule will be generated and distributed to all teams. Immediately after the Driver’s Meeting and before the Opening Ceremonies, teams in the first two matches should place their robot on the competition fields with the power off, and teams in matches 3 and 4 should have their robots in the queuing area.
  • Attend Opening Ceremonies.  Let’s get the competition started!  At Opening Ceremonies, we welcome everyone to the event, and provide any last-minute information for the day.  We complete our ceremony with the National Anthem.  All team members are required to attend.
  • Compete! Qualifying rounds will start immediately following the Opening Ceremonies and continue until all matches are played, with a break for lunch.  Speaking of which…
  • Enjoy Your Lunch Hour. The lunch period starts at 12:00 PM and runs until 1:00 PM.  This should give teams plenty of time to grab a bite. NOTE: No food or drink is allowed in the Pit Area, so please plan accordingly.  Don’t forget to charge your robot and phones over the break!
  • Watch for Judges in the Pits.  Whenever robots are competing on the field, Judges may be in the pits interviewing teams.  Make sure a member of your team is in the pit whenever possible.  If a representative for your team cannot be in your pit at any time while matches are running, leave a sign letting the Judges know when you’ll be back.
  • Attend the Alliance Selections.  Alliance Selections are scheduled for 4:00 PM Saturday. One member of your team (the team representative) must attend the Alliance Selections near the competition fields.
  • Team not in the Finals? Load Out!  Immediately after alliance selections are made, feel free to pack up your pit so it’s ready to quickly move to your vehicle whenever you’re ready.
  • Team in the Semi-Finals? Compete some more!  Get ready to go head-to-head in the Semi-Finals.  Your team will be instructed to move their robots and any essentials to the Queuing tables for the duration of the Semi-Finals and Finals.
  • Eliminated during Semi-Finals? Load Out!  Any teams that are eliminated during the Semi-Finals can immediately load out after their final match is played, and eliminated teams should be loaded out before the start of Closing Ceremonies.  Teams that are in the Finals will load-out after Closing Ceremonies.
  • Attend the Closing Ceremonies.  The event is almost over.  All teams have done a lot of hard work to get to this point, and this is where we recognize all that work.  All team members must attend the Closing Ceremonies.
  • Collect your Memories and Head Out.  The Competition Area and Bleachers close 15 minutes after Closing Ceremony is complete, so  take your celebratory pictures quickly. Pits close 30 minutes after Closing Ceremonies.  Gather all your belongings (make sure you have everything!) and make like Elvis.

After the Event

  • Pick up your Trailer.  If you have a trailer still parked, you’ll need to pick it up and take it home with you.  If you don’t, we may know of some charitable organizations that could use a trailer full of robot stuff.
  • Head for Home.  We hope you had a great time!  We look forward to hopefully meeting you again at World Championship.  Travel safe!


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