Georgia Leagues Explained

You’ve heard a lot about Leagues in Georgia, but what are leagues and how do they work? We’ve prepared this page where you can learn about how teams move through Georgia leagues and what the path is for advancement to the World Championship.


This season, Georgia FIRST Tech Challenge will have over 130 teams competing in one of 12 leagues across the state.  Teams in each league will participate in as many meets as they are able, having the opportunity to participate in 3-5 meets in each league.

Each team builds a robot that will complete tasks on the game field while manipulating the game elements. Click here for a brief overview of this season’s game.

A single meet provides each team at least 5 matches to run their robot, and all matches accumulate through the season.  Once all meets are done, the team’s 10 best matches carry forward to the League Tournament, where two to three leagues come together to compete.  If a team participated in less than 10 matches, only the matches they participated in carry forward.

To see what teams need to do and consider while participating in events, review this season’s Game Manual Part 1 and Game Manual Part 2.  This is the ultimate guide to the season, explaining what events are, how teams progress, and how the game is to be played.

At the League Tournament, each team participates in a final 5 matches that will be added to their 10 best from their meets.  Teams are then ranked against all others using all 15 matches.  The top four ranked teams then become the Tournament’s Alliance Captains and pick Alliance partners from all other teams depending on how well they did in their qualifying matches.  Four Alliances then participate in the Elimination Matches, a ladder elimination used to determine the Winning Alliance.
Also at the League Tournament, teams participate in the judging process.  A contingency of Judges meet with each team, evaluating their experiences thus far through the season.  They heavily evaluate the Engineering Notebook, determining which teams have done their due diligence and, in turn, which teams deserve the various awards that recognize teams performing well throughout the entire season’s process.

To learn more about the judging process, review section 10 of the Game Manual Part 1.

Top-ranked teams from the elimination rounds and matches, and top-ranked award winning teams from the judging process, will then advance to the Georgia State Championship.  Here, all teams advancing from each League Tournament and two non-league invitationals start with a clean slate, competing once again in 5 qualifying matches, the elimination matches, and the judging process.  From these, the top teams advance to the final competition, the World Championship in Houston, Texas.

You can keep track of how well FIRST Tech Challenge teams are doing by visiting the Orange Alliance.